Circus art

Moscow from 02.10. on 10/05/2020.

Applications accepted

until September 22, 2020.

- 10% for early bookings from 01.05. until 01.08.2020. The discount is provided to nonresident participants with accommodation.

Venue: State School of Circus and Variety Arts. M.N. Rumyantseva (Pencil)

Regulations of the international festival-competition

"New Trend"

Circus Arts

1. Goals and objectives:

1.1. The competition-festival is held in order to identify and support talented youth, to popularize art in its performing and pedagogical aspects, as well as to discover new names and talents in the field of circus art;
1.2. To acquaint performers with the works of children and youth circus groups in Russia and abroad;
1.3. To identify and support talented children and youth circus groups, to increase the level of performing skills through the work of the festival-competition;
1.4. To help educators working with children's groups and youth to improve their qualifications and professional training;
1.5. Identify gifted children and realize their potential with the help of a festival-competition.

2. Participants of festivals-contests:


2.1. Creative groups and soloists, both amateur and professional, of various genres and directions are invited to participate in the international festival-competition: those involved in children's art schools, children's music schools, leisure centers, cultural centers, palaces for children and youth, students of secondary -special, higher musical and artistic educational institutions, circus colleges, studios, secondary schools, clubs, creative centers, associations and other institutions, students of educational institutions and other interested persons from Russia and all countries of the world.

2.2. In all categories of the festival-competition, professional groups can participate on a separate application marked "professional."
2.3. The application shall indicate the full age of the performers (according to the lead singer, the number of full years, according to the team: age from the youngest to the oldest). The festival competition program is held taking into account the age of the participants.

3. Nominations of festivals-contests:


All festivals and competitions of the project have no genre restrictions, the organizing committee of the project welcomes new creative directions and is ready to discuss the proposed additions.

  • "Acrobatics": ground, jump, plastic, steam, group, Ikari games, single, voltige, solo jumps, group jumps, air.

  • "Clowning": buffoonery, satirical, musical, musical eccentric, clown trainer, carpet.

  • "Gymnastics": ground, air (canvases, belts, cord de porel, cord de shuttlecock, bamboo and more)

  • " Balancing ": ground, (hand-held balancer, with perches and stairs, on a transitional ladder, on free-standing stairs, on a tight wire, on free wire, on balls, on coils, bicycle figurists, on a matte ladder.

  • "Juggling": solo, group, antipode (younger, middle, senior, mixed age category).

  • "Tricks": Illusion, manipulation.

  • “Original genre”: pantomime, hula-hoops, whips, lasso, plates, diabolo.

  • “Synthesis”: the fusion of the main types of the genre into one complete number.

4. Requirements:


4.1. Participants of the categories “solo” and “small forms” represent no more than 3 numbers in different genres.

4.2. Clowning theaters present no more than 2 reprise with a total duration of up to 8 minutes.

4.3. Duration of "solo" and "doubles" no more than 6 minutes.

4.4. Group rooms can be attended by 3 or more people (the assistant is not a member of the room). Duration to

8 minutes

4.5. An undesirable demonstration of numbers where the health and life of the performer is endangered.

4.6. When using equipment and pendant equipment in rooms, have those. passports.

4.7. Air numbers that do not have insurance will not be considered.

4.8. It is necessary to have cable accessories of the correct mooring, checklings, carbines, rotation machines must have factory marking.

4.9. The sequence of entries is determined by the Organizing Committee.


The organizing committee has the right to remove from the festival program a number that jeopardizes the health and life of the performer.

5. Age category:

  • Junior children: 5-6 years old;

  • Children's middle group: 7-8 years old;

  • Children's senior group: 9-12 years old;

  • Youthful younger group: 13-15 years old;

  • Youth middle group: 16-18 years old;

  • Youth group: 19-24 years old;

  • Adult group: 25 years and older;

  • Mixed group: at least 70% of the total number of participants in the main age category;

  • Professional;

  • Staging, directing, choreography.



6.01. Participants send an application for participation (separately for each nomination), completed in the form and a list of the team in electronic form (name, age, passport information or birth certificate under 14 years old, as well as a scan of medical insurance) to the organizing committee’s email address. The application indicates the full age of the performers (solo - the number of full years, the team - the age from the youngest to the oldest). The total number of participants in the festival-competition is not limited.

6.02. Each team, individual artist has the right to participate in two or more categories.

6.03. From one institution (delegation) no more than 6 soloists are allowed to the competition.

6.04. The preparation and holding of the festival-contest is carried out by the organizing committee. The order of performance is determined by the organizing committee in advance, performances are held both in blocks and in separate numbers. The organizing committee reserves the right to amend the rules of the competition.

6.05. The organizing committee has the right to use and distribute (without paying a fee to participants and guests of the contest) audio and video recordings, printed and other products produced during the competition and on its results.

6.06. Issues not covered by this Regulation are entitled to be decided by the organizing committee.

6.07. When submitting an application, the leaders / parents of the participants of the competition automatically confirm their agreement with all clauses of this provision, consent to the processing of personal data, and also the agreement that the competitive auditions can take place on ANY of the competitive days from 09.00 to 23.00 hours.

6.08. The Organizing Committee has the right to disqualify a participant, creative team, leader for flagrant violation of the Rules of the competition, discipline and unethical behavior in relation to the Organizing Committee, members of the jury and other participants of the competition.

6.09. In case the participant does not appear at the festival-contest for a reason beyond the control of the organizers, the registration fee is not refundable.

6.10 The Organizing Committee has the right to stop accepting applications earlier than the deadline if the number of participants and numbers exceeds the established limit.

7. Specifications:

7.01. All additional technical equipment (technical rider) must be indicated in the Application for participation and must be agreed in advance with the organizing committee.

7.02. If you need to use sound recordings, managers (teachers) bring along phonograms on a USB-stick (flash drive), with high sound quality, signed as follows: track name, collective or name and city (for example: “Manual Balance”, number “Rainbow” ", Moscow). And also, at the request of the organizing committee, send in advance by e-mail.

7.03. There should be no other files on the USB-drive, except for the competitive program. It is strictly forbidden to use phonograms of low technical level, in which case the number is removed from the competition.

7.04. Changes in the repertoire are accepted no later than 14 days before the start of the festival-competition, by written notice to the organizing committee. Be sure to check the receipt of information by the organizing committee!

7.05 Rehearsal time is limited, only technical rehearsal and installation of hanging equipment is carried out.

06.06. Rehearsals and performances are held strictly according to the schedule provided by the organizers of the festival-competition.

7.07. According to safety rules, it is forbidden to use fire-hazardous objects in competitive numbers, including pyrotechnics, candles, torches, sparklers. As well as confetti, sparkles, feathers and other props, the quick cleaning of which is difficult and can create problems for further performers during the performance.

7.08. Travel and delivery of details is carried out at the expense of the contest participants, or a technical "rider" is sent and negotiated separately with the organizing committee.

7.09. Entrance of the participants backstage is made 2 numbers before the performance.

7.10. To participate in festivals-contests are allowed: creative groups and soloists who submitted an application for participation and paid the registration fee. The calculation of the registration fee is carried out by the art manager of the festival-competition on the basis of an application for participation, placement and transfer of participants of the festival-competition is carried out exclusively by the official partners of the Organizing Committee. 7.11. Acceptance of applications for participation ends on the date indicated on the site. Applications for participation must be filled out on the site.

8. Jury and evaluation criteria:


8.01. The jury, headed by the chairman, is formed and approved by the organizing committee of the festival-competition and consists of well-known figures of culture, art and leading teachers of specialized universities, professional directors, choreographers, art critics of Russia.

8.02. The composition of the jury was not disclosed until the beginning of the festival contest. At the end of the festival-competition, teachers have the opportunity to discuss competitive performances with jury members and exchange views.
8.03. At competitions, it is not the competition but the qualification principle for evaluating the competition program that is applied.
8.04. The competition program is evaluated by the jury in each category, taking into account the age of the performers indicated in the applications, in the main genre areas.

8.05. A professional jury evaluates the performance by closed ballot, according to the following criteria: performing skills; artistic expressiveness of the number (compositional, substantial and musical unity of the artistic image); entertainment (plastic, costume, performance culture); fervor and originality; artistry, disclosure of the artistic image, selection and conformity of the repertoire with the age characteristics of performers, assessment of the audience.

June 8th. The jury has the right to award not all ranks, to divide ranks among participants, to award diplomas to teachers who have prepared contestants; to appoint special diplomas.
07/08. Any violation of the rules of the competition entails the loss of points when evaluating the performance of the team.
8.08. Decisions of the jury are not subject to appeal.

8.09. Competition partners (sponsors) have the right to establish special prizes to the participants of the festival-competition, regardless of the decision of the jury.

9. Competition awards:


9.01. The results of the competition and awarding are carried out taking into account the age of the performers and provide for awarding, taking into account the genre directions, the titles of the holder of the Grand Prix, laureates and diplomats of I, II, III degree, participants of the festival, special diplomas and prizes. 9.02. The number of prize diplomas is not limited and depends solely on the level of the program presented by the contestants.
9.03. Awarding of participants takes place only at the official closing ceremony of the festival-competition, previously Diplomas are not issued and the results are not announced.

9.04. A representative of the team MUST BE PRESENT at the awarding ceremony for presenting on the stage awards and gifts for the team. Unclaimed awards are in no way sent to the team.

10. International Award "NEW TREND ARTS"

All groups and participants who received a diploma of a laureate of the 1st degree, and Grand Prix winners are invited to participate in the International Prize in the field of culture and art “New trend arts”. The prize fund of the prize is 1,000,000 million rubles.

The “New trend arts” prize is a prestigious international prize awarded to talented children and youth for outstanding achievements in various types of art, as well as to teachers who have made a great contribution to the development of children's and youthful creativity.

The winners of the New Trend Arts Award are selected from among the nominees. The nominees for the award are groups (including “solo” and small forms) that received the title of laureate of the 1st degree, or holders of the Grand Prix degree of any of the festival-contests held in the creative season of 2020-2021 - both in the Russian Federation and and abroad.

11. Procedure for filing an application:


11.1. To participate in the festival, you must submit an application in the form proposed by the site or in the community in contact, or by e-mail: If no response is received within 48 hours, the application must be sent again and contact the organizing committee of the competition. The organizing committee reserves the right to stop accepting applications before the deadline if the limit of participants in the nomination has been exhausted.

11.2. After submitting an application, you must submit a list of the team in electronic form (full name, date of birth, passport data or birth certificate up to 14 years old), as well as sign an agreement for participation sent by our administrators.

11.3. Send a scan of the signed contract with a seal to the email address.

11.4. After reviewing the application and accepting all the necessary documents, you will be billed for participation in the festival-competition, which must be paid within five days in the amount of 30% or the entire amount of the invoice. This condition is mandatory, since the number of participants is limited.

11.5. After all the conditions are met, your application is considered accepted.

11.6. Original documents are handed over upon arrival and registration of participants.

11.7. 100% payment is made at least 25 days before the start of the competition, those who have not paid the remaining amount on the account in due time without good reason are withdrawn from participation and put on the waiting list for other dates and venue of the festival-competition, the prepayment amount is not refundable.

In the meantime, there is no need to know about it. ”

12. Financial conditions:

In the meantime, there is no need to know about it. ”

12.01. For teams taking part in the competition without accommodation (Only for participants living in Moscow and the Moscow region , as well as for nonresident participants in two or more nominations, the organizational fee is 50% of the basic amount of the organizational fee for each subsequent nomination ), an organizational fee is set in the amount of :

  • Solo - 3000 (three thousand) rubles.

  • Duets - 2750 (two thousand seven hundred and fifty) rubles each.

  • Small forms (from 3 people) - 2,400 (two thousand four hundred) rubles each.

  • Medium forms (from 6 people) - 2000 (two thousand) rubles each.

  • Team (from 11 people) - 1300 (one thousand three hundred) rubles each.

  • Staging, director's, choreographer's work - 2500 (two thousand five hundred) rubles per number.

  • Every 21 participants is exempt from the registration fee.

12.02. For nonresident groups ( participation without accommodation is not allowed ), a Package rate is set , which includes an organizational fee, a targeted contribution for accommodation in 2 and 3-bed rooms with all conveniences, breakfast is included. Transfer for a team of 20 people or more railway station - hotel - railway station. It is possible to order a set lunch and dinner for an additional payment. Package cost: 8500 (eight thousand five hundred) rubles from each participant.

  • Stage, choreographer, director's work - 2500 (two thousand five hundred) rubles per issue.

  • Every 21 participants is exempt from the registration fee.

12.03. The managers and accompanying persons pay for the accommodation in a city hotel for the duration of the competition. When placing for 3 days, target contribution: 6500 (six thousand five hundred) rubles from each participant . Accommodation in 2-bed and 3-bed rooms with all amenities, breakfast included. It is possible to order a set lunch and dinner for an additional payment.

12.04. For nonresident participants and participants without accommodation, the organizational fee includes one nomination for one participant. Participation in two or more nominations, the organizational fee is 50% of the principal amount of the organizational fee for each subsequent nomination.


13. Copyright and other rights:

01/13. The main shooting of the competition is the information partner of the competition.
02/13. Video filming of the competition day has the right to carry out by individuals accredited by the Organizing Committee.
03/13. The procedure and form of accreditation is established by the Organizing Committee.
04/13. Video and photo materials, ideas for the event, paraphernalia and logos are the property of the organizers of the contest, use by other persons for commercial purposes is prohibited.
05/13. By submitting an application, participants agree to use their name, image and performance as part of the audiovisual works created during the shooting of events, as well as advertising and announcing the competition.
06/13. In the days of the competition, the distribution of any materials without the consent of the Competition Directorate is prohibited.
07/13. Photo and video materials of teams and individual performers who have applied for participation in the competition are not reviewed and returned, they automatically become the property of the organizers and are used at their discretion.
13.08 Arising disputes are resolved through negotiations with the Competition Directorate.
09/13. The contest organizers are not responsible to the authors of works and songs (copyright holders) performed by participants, as well as copyright holders of phonograms.
Participants independently receive permissions from copyright holders about the possibility of using a phonogram, music, text and other object of copyright.


 Performances are organized by the Organizing Committee on schedule.
 The full age of the participants is determined on the day of the competition (discrepancy to the age group may not exceed 20% of the total number of speakers). The age of the participants can be checked by documents by the Chairman of the jury and the organizing committee.
 All necessary technical equipment should be indicated in the Application for participation. The organizer reserves the right to refuse full and partial implementation of technical requirements.
 The acceptance of applications is terminated 25 days before the start of the competition
 Replacing the repertoire 10 days before the start of the contest is prohibited!
 Rehearsals and performances are strictly according to the schedule provided by the organizers.
 If the competition number of the nomination does not match, the jury may transfer the participant to another nomination or disqualify the participant.
 The Organizing Committee has the right to disqualify a participant, creative team, leader for gross violation of the Internal Rules, discipline violation and unethical behavior in relation to the Organizing Committee, members of the jury and other participants.
 Accompanying teachers, team leaders, parents bear full responsibility for the life and health of participants.
 Groups of less than 20 people living in a hotel check in / check out on their own (without a transfer)!
 Early check-in and check-in - as agreed with the organizers of the Festival.
 Travel to the competition venue and back at the expense of the participants. Tickets are purchased independently.
 For violation of the routine and violations that entailed damage to property and injuries, the following sanctions are imposed:
- damage to property is charged on the invoice issued by the hotel.
- violation of the routine, fire safety, entails the removal of the participant from the competition, with notification to a higher organization (the participant withdrawn from the competition remains at the festival).
- gross violations entail withdrawal from the competition with notification to a higher organization and prematurely sending the team or participant home.
 The organizing committee is not responsible for personal belongings of participants and accompanying persons left unattended.
 According to the fire safety rules, it is forbidden to use fire hazardous objects, including pyrotechnics, candles, torches, sparklers, decorations and other objects that do not comply with fire safety standards.
 If necessary, the organizing committee reserves the right to make changes and additions to the conditions of the competition.

We draw your attention to the fact that on all projects of the "New Current" TO "CATEGORALLY FORBIDDEN" advertising of other contests, festivals and other projects of third-party organizations in any form (verbally, in writing, in the form of advertising printing, handouts, business cards, etc. .). We ask all participants, members of the jury to respect the work of the organizers, not to participate and not to support this practice of advertising at the expense of others.
For violation of this clause, the "New Current" TO reserves the right to terminate the contract with the jury member unilaterally, to withdraw the team from participation in the competition.


- Please do not purchase train / air tickets without written confirmation of receipt of an application from the Organizing Committee of the competition. - Please do not book tours until you receive a detailed competition program.
- The Organizing Committee reserves the right to amend the competition program and this Regulation.


Every 21st participant is free
Transfer for nonresident groups of more than 20 people - FOR FREE!
When calculating, all living on the terms of the Regulation are taken into account
Competition, except for children under 3 years old (without a seat)
For every 21st, all services indicated in the “Package” are included for free
The participation of the team in two or more nominations is paid separately.

This Regulation is an official invitation!